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Our mission statement is pretty simple. We specialize in collaborating with many dental insurance companies, organizations, and plan providers to compare dental insurance or other dental plans. We then organize a selection of dental plans that are unbiased and aligned to fit our customer's needs. The dental insurance and dental plan marketplace is filled with too many options and terminologies for the average consumer to learn. It's our job to take out the guess work and enroll members in the most up-to-date dental plans available at the most affordable prices for the type of coverage needed.

Different Dental Plans for Different Needs


Real dental insurance benefits with no waiting periods on all services including major dental procedures.


Comprehensive dental insurance plans that provide coverage for all three levels of dental care. 


Dental plans and bundles designed to help seniors maintain healthy oral hygiene with cost effective pricing.


All inclusive family dental insurance designed to cover your entire immediate family for one low monthly premium.


Packaged coverage with dental and vision insurance paired together at a discounted price.


Low priced dental plans that provide instant discounted savings. These plans are not insurance.

Dental Support 

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We have helped thousands of customers with urgent needs by providing them with dental insurance or other dental plans that can be used in as little as 24 hours. Just give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with information, enroll you in a plan, or steer you in the right direction to satisfy your needs. We are happy to help whether you need coverage now, later, or whatever your case may be.

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​​Any Extra Cost to Get a Plan with Dental Helps?

Nope! We are an independent dental insurance and dental plan services company that maintains relationships with various dental plan sources. In most cases, the industry is structured to protect consumers by requiring the dental insurance companies, organizations, and plan providers to offer the same pricing, regardless of where the plan is purchased from. 


These dental plans are very popular nowadays because many people find themselves in an urgent need for dental treatment or major dental procedures when they do not have any dental coverage or existing dental plans. Most dental insurance plans in the market have six to twelve month waiting periods for dental procedures beyond preventative and basic routine care. There are only a handful of dental insurance plans that have no waiting period on major services such as crowns, root canals, oral surgery, and other big ticket procedures. However, these plans are naturally going to have more expensive monthly premiums since they are giving you more access to coverage immediately. If the monthly premium is outside of your budget, an alternative solution is to consider a dental discount plan that can provide you with immediate savings on your major dental procedures with a much lower monthly membership cost. But keep in mind that discount dental plans are not insurance and they will not pay any cash benefits toward your dental bills. 


These plans provide straight-forward discounts on dental treatment and procedures that vary depending on the dentist and dental work to be done. Typically, discount dental plans offer an overall savings of up to fifty percent. But what we've discovered is that in most cases actual savings turn out to be around thirty-to-forty percent. One of the good things about discount dental plans is that they don't have any waiting periods on all services and they do not have any limits annually. This means that a discount dental plan can be used right away for immediate savings on dental treatment and procedures. In addition, the monthly membership payment is less than a traditional dental insurance plan. There are also some discount dental plans that even have a low single monthly payment that provides these savings for the entire family at no extra cost. Discount dental plan companies have established direct contracts with dentists that obligate the dentist to provide set discounts for all of the members on the plan through a PPO network or similar. 


Most dentists and individuals prefer PPO dental insurance plans or dental plans that use a PPO network. To understand why first we need to learn about what a PPO network is. PPO is short for Preferred Provider Organization. A Preferred Provider Organization negotiates contracts and set prices with providers, in our case dentists. These contracts obligate the dentist to offer the pre-negotiated prices for dental treatment and procedures that control the cost of dental care for the dental plan members. Often discount dental plans simply just provide access to a PPO network but without the insurance component. Dentists choose to participate based on the network size and potential new customers that come with it. Now that we have explained the PPO side of PPO dental insurance, we just need to explain the insurance part to get the full picture. PPO dental insurance provides the PPO network access to their members and then pays cash benefits towards the remainder of the member's dental bills after the negotiated network prices are applied. 


  • No Waiting Periods (even on major services)
  • Enormous PPO Networks
  • Real Insurance or Discount Plans
  • High or No Annual Limits
  • Basic or Full Coverage & Comprehensive
  • Supplemental Dental Insurance or Extra Coverage
  • Individual, Couple, Family, and Senior Discounts
  • Dental, Vision, and RX Bundles
  •  KINDS

    30 day refund policy

    30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    All of our dental plans are backed by a thirty day full refund policy. If you are unsatisfied, simply call the customer service number on your dental card and request to cancel within thirty days and receive a full refund. 

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