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All You Need to Know about California Dental Insurance

The dental structure is a very crucial aspect when it comes down to the physique of any human being. From chewing to coloring the world with our bright smiles, an appealing dentition is something we all view as a prized possession. The significance of having a proper dental structure is a factor that should not be taken lightly, therefore, it is of utmost importance that we take care of our teeth. Most people bury this issue under the sand justifying themselves with the deceptive prejudgment that dental procedures are costly. If you fall under that category of people who never visit the dentist due to such-like reasons, worry not because you are not alone. The fact is, however, that the misconception that a simple dentist appointment is costly does not hold ground anymore. You can still keep your teeth in good condition and not have to spend a fortune while at it. This is how to achieve just that.

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An Overview of Dental Coverage in California

If you do not have dental insurance in the 21st century in your health insurance plan, then it is probably time to go back to the drawing board and reconsider. As it is always said, prevention is better than cure. In the long run, it costs more to pay for walk-in dental appointments in California than paying premium subscriptions for dental insurance. This is because a dental coverage is basically a plan that is aimed at cutting down dental care costs. While it may still look like an additional health cost, the good news is that there is an array of California dental insurance plans to choose from so you are certain to find one that will align with your financial capabilities.

Facts about California Dental Insurance

Like many other states and countries, dental coverage is available in California and there is a lineup of available dental insurance plans. The cost of any chosen dental insurance plan varies. On average, a small employer would incur costs of about $20 to $50 per person per month to enjoy the benefits of dental insurance in California. However, before settling on a dental insurance plan in California, there are several far-reaching factors to consider:

  • Dental insurance differs from medical insurance. While medical insurance covers a pretty large part of expenses post deductibles and/or co-payments, dental insurance is not a pay-all coverage. It is only meant to aid in catering for overall dental care costs, therefore, you will be required to spend from your pocket. The amount depends on your insurance package and the services that have been offered to you.
  • The amount paid by insurance is heavily determined by the amount you pay for the insurance plan. It is no secret that insurance companies thrive in marketing but there is always more to the story than meets the eye. It is important to fully comprehend the nitty gritty details of your dental insurance plan in California.
  • Most dental insurance plans in California do not cover routine dental services. It is however ironical why insurance companies would opt to provide coverage for many expensive procedures than the simple ones.
  • Regardless of the insurance plan, dental charges in California are relatively more or less the same. Therefore, there would be no need to go overboard when paying for the insurance coverage.
  • Dentists are not employees of insurance companies. This means that they are not obliged or required to submit insurance claims on your behalf.
  • Some California dental insurance plans only cover certain dentists. This happens when the dentist is in compliance with the insurance company's terms. In this case, as a patient, you do not have the freedom to visit the dentist of your choice. However, there are California dental insurance plans that give you that option.
  • Dental insurance plans have limits. Depending on your insurance company, you can be limited in the number of exams or procedures that you can have within a stipulated period of time.
  • Most California dental insurance plans have a waiting period. This means that you pay for the insurance plan but you are not covered for dental services during the waiting period.
  • Dental insurance plans in California are different. You should review the various packages offered by the various insurance companies to land the best deal.

With the above information in hand, you can now kick off your decision-making process as you will now be able to scrutinize keenly what different insurance companies offer when it comes to dental coverage. Dental insurance is optional in California. However, it is advisable to be on a dental insurance plan. Emergencies crop up when we least expect them to and you may end up having dental issues that require immediate attention. With a California dental insurance plan, such instances end up being a walk in the park for you. This is why it is necessary to include dental coverage in your health insurance plan not only for emergency purposes but also so that you can have the privilege of routine dental care without spending much. There are also other benefits of investing in dental insurance in California that are just but the icing on the cake.

Benefits of Investing in California Dental Insurance

  • Reduces lost hours of work. We all dread the pain that is accompanied by a toothache. Those who have experienced this will testify that it is not easy at all and can render one incapable of being fruitful even at work thus losing work hours. While an employee without a dental insurance plan will opt for over the counter painkillers to soothe the pain until it fades off, another with a dental insurance plan can access the dentist and therefore get back to normal functioning at work without any further losses.
  • Cost control. As earlier noted, the majority of folks will put off dental appointments due to financial strains. By investing in a dental insurance plan, dental care costs are significantly reduced.
  • Overall health benefit. A patient with a dental insurance plan is likely to visit the dentist for routine checkups often. During a dental exam, dentists examine the patient's oral and overall health issues, therefore, making it very easy to detect an underlying problem.
  • Prevents future critical dental problems. Since you can easily see a dentist once you are on a dental insurance plan, the routine checkups help to keep your teeth in good condition thus preventing future problems.

How California Dental Insurance Works

Candidly speaking, California dental insurance pretty much works in the same way as medical insurance. The big difference that comes in is that whereas medical insurance covers a big portion of expenses, dental insurance covers only part of the expenses as stipulated by the terms of the insurance plan chosen. This means that as a dental patient you are required to cover for the remaining costs from your pocket. For California dental insurance, there are monthly premiums at fixed rates that you are required to pay by the insurance company. This is what entitles you to dental care services that usually include regular checkups, X-rays, cleaning, and other procedures that aggrandize the general dental health.

The monthly premiums are not constant for all California dental insurance plans. Therefore, your monthly premium costs will depend on the insurance company and insurance plan of choice. Since insurance plans are different, you will note that there are some that will offer a broader coverage of services than others. With more services, a greater financial contribution from your end is required. California dental insurance plans are structured in such a manner that they are able to accommodate dental care needs for the majority of people while ensuring that their budgets are not stretched. They are the best deals you will get, an alluring factor to get on a dental insurance plan.

California Dental Insurance Plans

California dental insurance plans are often classified as either managed-care or indemnity plans. This is the same case when it comes to medical insurance plans.

  • Indemnity Dental Plan

An indemnity dental plan is typically “free for service plan”. What this entails is that you have the freedom to go to the dentist whenever the need arises. However, things work a little bit differently because while you might have that freedom of being a regular at your dentist’s office, the price for that is that you have to pay upfront from your pocket for the dental services and procedures provided. You may wonder then how this qualifies to be termed as an insurance plan. Well, what makes it so is that your insurance company reimburses you later once you have submitted your claims.

Since California dental insurance plans do not cover for the entire cost, with dental indemnity insurance this still holds as the insurance company does not reimburse all of the money you spend. The majority of the recommended California dental insurance plans will reimburse about 50%-80% of your money. The grand slam of dental indemnity insurance is that for routine services such as cleanings and X-rays, most policies will offer a full reimbursement.

It is important to note that with the dental indemnity insurance plan, you are required to meet your deductible prior to the insurance company making any reimbursements. Therefore, be keen to have dental insurance that does not come with an exaggerated deductible. If you decide to settle for a dental indemnity insurance plan in California, read the fine print to the letter. This type of dental insurance plan does not usually cover all the dental services you may require. In most cases, dental indemnity insurance covers the basic services so you would be disadvantaged if you required more serious procedures like root canals. All in all, with this type of dental insurance plan, you get to enjoy an upfront discount for services.

  • Managed-care Dental Plan

This type of dental insurance plan is also referred to as capitation plan or Dental HMOs (DHMOs). The ideology behind this dental insurance plan is based on the fact that it is less costly to prevent dental diseases than it is to treat them. Reality is that properly managed dental care will save you on bigger expenses in the future. Therefore, for residents of California, this is undeniably a dental insurance plan that is worth considering.

Managed-care dental insurance plans provide coverage for more dental services at lower costs. To add on to that, most of the dental services are covered by this type of dental insurance plan in full unlike in the case of dental indemnity insurance. For a patient, this is music to the ears as one can be assured of both diagnostic and preventive treatment. So how exactly does it work?

In managed-care dental insurance plans, dental services are provided through a network of dentists whose core interest is to bring patients to good health conditions and to maintain it that way. As a patient, you have the satisfaction of being catered to by excellent professionals with your best interests at heart, all at an affordable price. Since this type of dental plan is an insured product, it requires strict adherence to Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Programs. The network of dentists involved accept a capitated amount per patient per month from an insurance company with the provision that dental services are offered to patients at no charge or at significantly reduced fees. Therefore, dentists have the major task of deciding which managed-care plan will best suit their offices.

California dental insurance is one of the best across the various states in America. It is not only available, affordable, and effective but the insurance plans are also very easy to enroll in. Anyone is eligible for dental insurance in California from children to adults. The key factor is to find out as much as possible about dental insurance plans offered by the many insurance companies in California and settle for one that will best fit your dental needs and budget. Therefore, there is no more need for avoiding the dentist. Enroll for California dental insurance and make your dental care a priority.

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