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Why Get Dental Coverage for Seniors

If some of the members of your family is a senior, you need to have a solid dental insurance for them. You have to consider their needs, the coverage of the plans and the price. The dental coverage for seniors varies. The coverage sometimes depends on their medical and dental histories and their current conditions. For example, a senior who underwent realignment or dentures in the past might be more concerned with issues such as oral cancer and other diseases rather than cavities. The risk of gum disease and oral cancer increases with age. This is common among the elderly that have ages between 60 to 70 years old.

dental coverage for seniors

Common Dental Problems of Aging People

Dental coverage for seniors can be a pre-packaged specific plan that will fit their needs. It can also be a plan that caters to all the general dental needs of seniors. Some of the problems that most seniors nowadays encounter regarding oral wellness include:

-    Cavities - Most seniors develop cavities in their permanent teeth. The National Institute of Health found out that out of every 65 seniors, there are about 93% of them who have cavities.

-    Tooth loss – There can be a lot of problems that come with age. Loss of teeth can be a common occurrence for seniors. Gum disease is one of the factors that cause tooth loss. If the seniors have diabetes, high blood pressure, or used to smoke a lot in the past, there is a huge chance that they will have tooth loss when they grow older.

Other problems encountered by seniors include dry mouth, infection, and inflammation of mouth tissues caused by dentures. If these issues are not treated early, they can lead to bigger and complicated problems. Regular dental checkups can detect early signs of oral diseases.

Cost of Dental Coverage for Seniors

Generally, seniors have will pay a recurring premium each month for their insurance. Then when services are used the following will apply:

-Deductibles – This is an out-of-pocket amount that clients pay after the bill is printed. This can be reimbursed by the insurance company depending on the agreement and the amount on the bill.

-Coinsurance – This is the percentage that a client should pay on the bill. The insurance company pays the remaining balance.

-This is a set amount of payment that is paid by the client after a service or a procedure is done. For example, they might have to pay a set amount of $30 regardless of the total amount of the bill.

Everyone can purchase additional dental coverage for seniors on top of their Medicare or health insurance. Medicare does not offer standard dental checkups. Your health insurance provider might offer to cover your dental need in some cases. An example is: you might get into an accident, and you need denture realignment. This is covered by medical insurance. 

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