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  • Thousands of Dentists in North Carolina Participating
  • A+ Dental Company Ratings
  • Up To $3500 or More In PPO Annual Benefits
  • No Wait for Major Care

Dental Insurance NC No Waiting Period

  • Fast Coverage
  • Be Covered for Major Services from Day One
  • High Annual Payout Limits 

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  • Basic Affordable Plans
  • Comprehensive Full Coverage
  • PPO Negotiated Pricing

Best Dental Insurance NC

With the best dental insurance in NC that uses a PPO network, you just simply have to pay a monthly premium to get access to thousands of network dentists and dental care providers. You have the option to choose from thousands of dentists and providers anytime, putting you in control of the quality of your dental care. Your dentist will also be able to file a claim for you in most cases making billing much easier. PPO plans are considered the best dental insurance in NC.

Affordable Dental Insurance NC

There are some cheap dental insurance NC plans that have reasonable coverage levels for the price. These affordable dental insurance NC plans are usually only designed to cover preventative and basic dental care. For major work such as crowns and root canals, we suggest that you do not enroll in a cheap dental insurance NC plan because it will cost you much more in the long run. 

Dental Insurance for Seniors in NC

Usually, dental insurance for seniors in NC is hard to find. But there are a few quality choices to help seniors with their unique dental needs as they age. There are also dental and vision insurance NC bundles for seniors that carry an overall savings within the package. If you need help finding dental insurance for seniors in NC, please contact us for assistance. 

Dental Insurance NC No Waiting Period Options

Some NC dental insurance plans have no waiting periods for all services, including major work. These plans are a type of Full Coverage Dental Insurance and are the most comprehensive to date. You can seriously save large amounts of money when you have an NC dental insurance no waiting period plan that covers major services. 

Benefits of Getting Dental Insurance

You can get plans that are available in more than 70 North Carolina counties. Dentists and orthodontists will welcome you when you have a dental insurance NC PPO plan. The preventive dental care that includes x-rays, cleaning and check-ups for possible gum diseases are almost fully covered. You will be assured that who you are seeing is a certified dental professional provider. Dentists who are part of the the best dental insurance NC PPO networks have to undergo recertification every three years to make sure that they are updated to the latest technology.

Preventive services cover routine dental checkups, cleanings, bitewing x-rays, pulp testing, fluoride treatments, emergency oral examination, space maintainers, and sealants. You don’t pay anything for these services and the benefit period can be twice in a year. You won’t have any waiting periods with most plans when it comes to preventive services.

Common services that are considered major are the following: dentures, endodontics, oral surgery, bridges, onlays/inlays, periodontal maintenance, gingival curettage, gingivoplasty, porcelain crowns, and root canals. With a dental insurance NC no waiting period plan that is Full Coverage, you might only have to pay 50% of the total amount after a fixed deductible but it will be well worth it.

Dental Insurance in NC Starts with

There are a lot of providers and dental insurance NC options. We provide independent free service that will help you compare dental insurance and enroll in the best plan available for your needs. Being independent allows us to provide the best dental insurance NC plans from different companies, letting us find the best coverage at the best prices. 

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