Who is DenteMax?

DenteMax started in 1985 and the company continues to grow over the years. Over 20 million members have access to 279,000 dentists in the United States. Many self-funded groups and third-party companies were able to have access to the network. These enable customers to maximize their savings while getting excellent dental treatment that they deserve.

What Do They Do?

DenteMax is a preferred provider organization that is used by clients and professional dentists in the US. It is a large network of dentists that agree to set affordable prices to customers. DenteMax essentially connects the clients to the dentists that can provide them with quality services at very affordable prices. Many insurance companies use DenteMax as their provider when it comes to health care because it has a large network of clients. DenteMax is unrivaled when it comes to administration, management and customer service. The support that DenteMax offers can come in many forms including network development, custom recruitment, general communications, self-support, and benefits guidance.

Why Choose Dentemax?

To the members of DenteMax, the network guides them to more than 279,000 dental access points across the country. The customers have peace of mind that the dentist that they prefer has credibility and has the enough professional experience for their needs. In DenteMax, dental professionals undergo re-credentialing after every three years. DenteMax has more than 30 years of experience in the dental industry. The staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to the market of dentistry. The prices are competitive, the dentists are all professionals, and they offer services that match possible clients to dentists near them.

How Can You Save?

The company aims to make perfect smiles more affordable. Clients can save up to 50% on services such as dentures, crowns, braces and oral cleaning. If you get a card with DenteMax, your whole family is already included. The specialties vary and they include Oral Surgery, Cosmetics, Orthodontics, and Children’s Oral Care. This is not a kind of dental insurance so there are no monthly or annual premiums. There are no deductibles, reimbursements, restrictions, and administration fees. The card works like a discount card and you just have to present it to a participating dentist and you can automatically save money on all services including major dental work. Dental Helps has DenteMax discount plans. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 311-7092 for help enrolling. 

Where Can I Find a DenteMax Plan?

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