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How important is a Dental Plan?

A mouth that works properly is very important when it comes to providing your body good nutrition. Every nutritious food that we eat goes into the mouth. Without it functioning properly may affect your overall health and wellness. Some people has an impression that a Dental plan is just another additional expense. That impression will change once you learn more about our Discount Dental Plan, DenteMax.


Dentemax is dental plan especially designed to cover the majority of your dental cost that will ultimately give you and your family great savings instead of a liability.

Practice good oral hygiene, it's beneficial to your overall health and wellness.


Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and a regular flossing reduces gum disease and bad breath by removing plaque that forms along the gum line, according to ADA.

Regular visit to a dentist at least 2 times a year which will also depend on your oral health current situation. Whether the condition of your teeth is good or in a bad situation, you need to have regular check ups. Regular check ups will cost you money. You may want to consider a Discount Dental Plan.

Getting a Discount Dental Plan such as DenteMax, to protect you or your family from periodontal diseases such as gum inflammation and a more serious disease that leads to a major damage to your teeth or gums and could end up losing one of your teeth.

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Find out how Dentemax can get your money's worth.

DenteMax dentists agree to charge their members prices below their usual fees in order to gain access to them. Members then experience these price savings whenever they visit a DenteMax dentist.

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Best Dental Insurance
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Great benefits await you when you  become a member today:


■  Low Dental Premiums

■  No Waiting Period

■ No Hassle because there are no forms you need to fill out which makes the transaction quicker.

■  No annual maximums

■  No age limit

■ You can have huge savings on Basic, Preventative, Major, and Restorative services such as:

• Routine Cleanings 

• Dental Exams  

• X-Rays  

• Root Canals  

• Orthodontics  

• Dentures  

• Cosmetic Dentistry  

• Crowns  

• Extractions

• Fillings  

• Oral Surgery  

• Periodontics

■ Additional benefits:

 • Vision Benefit that provides substantial savings off the regular retail price for eyewear at participating providers.




• Hearing Benefit that gives you free Hearing Screening and a discount off the retail price of a Beltone hearing instrument at more than 1,500 locations across the country.

Excited to get these benefits? Talk to one of our licensed agents now and get the best dental care you deserve!

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