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Your dental health is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of your overall health and well-being. Taking good care of your dental hygiene is just as important as your whole body. That said, your oral health is essential to your family health plan.

Everybody wants to keep a nice smile for as long as possible even though kids and adults may have different dental priorities. A family dental care helps you to form a trusted personal relationship with your dentist.

The fact that your dental needs change throughout the different phases of life makes it all important to cater to the oral care needs of your whole family. That said, here is what you need to know about dental care needs across different ages.

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Babies and Toddlers

To begin with, tooth decays are such a big problem for babies following the development of their first set of teeth. Teething infants are at high risk of developing cavities and require dental care. You should make their first dental appointment by their first birthday followed by regular checkups every 6 months.

Family dental care can be the viable option to help your toddler have consistent dental care throughout their growing phase.


Expect your child’s first adult teeth to begin coming in between 6 to 12 years. It’s such a daunting task to have kids at this age adhering to good dental hygiene. The only solution is regular checkups and cleanings from your family dentist.


This is the period that presents most kids with braces. Whether they have braces or not, regular checkups and cleanings are still essential in order to maintain the best oral health and prevent cavities. Remember, how long your teenager’s teeth will last largely depends on how good they take care of them.


As an adult, your family affairs may take a large crunch of your time to an extent that you may let your dental checkups slip by. Routine examinations are always important because it will not only keep your teeth and gums healthy but also prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Some serious health conditions may manifest first in your mouth as you get older. These include heart disease, diabetes and more. It’s necessary to prevent these and other more serious conditions by considering family dental care.


Nearly 1/4 of individuals of 60 years and above have no natural teeth. Seniors need to preserve their few remaining teeth for as long as possible in addition to fighting periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Why is Family Dental Care Important?

So why is family dental care important? You may ask. Well, it is a common knowledge that a big, bright smile is essential to boost your self-confidence and should be kept for as long as possible. Regular checkups are also important to keep all dental problems at bay.

Now, a family dentist acts as your primary dental healthcare provider and offers a wide range of services ideal for your family’s health in addition to diagnosing and treating various dental problems. Do you know some of the roles of a family dentist? If not, then here are some of their major tasks.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Family dental care is important because your dentist will check any dental problems that may arise in your family and diagnose them at an early stage which makes treatment easier before such conditions progress into more serious dental problems.

Creating Dental Health Awareness

It is pretty normal that with the current lifestyles, you may not have time to read or listen to any awareness regarding dental health. However, family dental care gives you the opportunity to learn more about some of the best oral hygiene practices that will help you and your family maintain a perfect dental and physical health.

Preventive Dental Treatment

A family dentist will prevent your children from tooth decay by applying a thin layer of dental sealants on top of the biting surfaces of their molar teeth in addition to offering fluoride treatment to make their teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities.

Teeth Fillings

Preventing and managing cavities in your teeth is one of the most important roles of your family dentist. They remove the cavities and replace them with an appropriate filling material.

So having looked at some of the roles of a family dentist, it is essential to understand the advantages of having one. What are the benefits of choosing one trustworthy dentist for your dental care needs instead of constantly picking random dentists each time you need a dental care service? Well, let’s find out below.


You don’t really want to spend a lot of time searching for a dentist each time you need a cleaning service done for your toddler or yourself…or do you? With a family dentist, all you need to do is to schedule an appointment easily when you need their services.

Additionally, many family dentists also send out emails and text messages in a bid to remind you of a scheduled appointment. So, you can never miss an important appointment.

Boosts Familiarity

We can agree that children fear to visit the dentist. However, having a family dentist makes them become more and more comfortable as the trust builds with time. Additionally, the dentist will also become more familiar with your family’s dental history, enabling early detection and preventive measures.


There’s nothing as good as being sure that you will receive a constant quality service every time you visit a dentist. Your family dentist has a lot more to offer than just a random general dentist because they know your family and your individual dental histories.

Your family dentist is tasked with offering a comprehensive treatment in addition to keeping all the records such that in case of an emergency, they will know best what to offer.

So, family dental care comes with plenty of benefits for you and your family as you already know. That said, it is now clear that there might be some risks associated with not having a family dental care.

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Are there any Risks of not having a Family Dental Care?

People’s nature is such that we may know the naked truth about a situation but still wait around hoping for a different response. A classic example is how we approach our dental care needs.

While it is clear that we need regular teeth cleaning every six months, we will still come up with plenty of excuses to justify our point on why visiting a dentist can still be postponed. Some of the most common yet less valid excuses in the past include the fact that we brush our teeth every day, the normal anxiety about seeking the services of a dentist or insurance concerns.

Now before you postpone such a crucial component of your general health and well-being, did you know that scientists have recently discovered more than 700 distinct bacterial species living in our mouths? It’s humorous yet very worrying that the human mouth acts as a host to more bacteria than the total world population.

So you may be brushing and flossing on a daily basis but remember, you still engage in other activities such as eating, drinking, kissing and talking all of which may still expose you to a host of germs almost every second of the day. Here are some of the risks that may result from avoiding family dental care.


Everybody has plaque. This is bacteria which naturally lives in our mouth and is tasked with creating a sticky film that builds on our teeth. Now if the plaque is left unattended, it may progress into tartar which further shelters more bacteria, causing dental decay or gum infection.

So apart from following the Daily 4 (Brush, Floss, Rinse, and Chew) routine to avoid developing this condition, the viable option you can also consider is opting for family dental care and get even plenty of other useful tips for perfect oral care.

Gum Disease

When family dental care is disregarded, periodontal and other mouth disorders come in. Our mouths are akin to our bodies. However much they may look healthy on the surface, plaque build-up can still develop below the gum line. Several parts including roots, nerves, and bone and gum tissue are silently affected by plaque.

Consequently, bleeding or swollen gums, gum recession, toothaches, and the breakdown of bone supporting the teeth can occur. Periodontal disease can contribute to other non-oral conditions such as respiratory infection, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes if left untreated.

Oral Cancer

There are several risk factors associated with developing oral cancer including alcohol, exposure to UV and smoking. Family dental care can help you avoid the risk factors of developing this condition. Regular checkup by your family dentist helps to keep your teeth clean consistently. Your teeth are naturally porous hence the susceptibility to stains over time.

Tooth Decay

What happens if you do not give your mouth proper care? Your guess is as good as mine. Your mouth will obviously attract harmful bacteria to your teeth and gums which can result in massive damage.

Scientists have proven that bacteria can survive and overgrow in your mouth and subject the enamel to considerable danger. Unfortunately, the enamel is irreplaceable once it is torn. Excessive tooth decay can also create a huge hole in your tooth and make you vulnerable to cavities.

Painful Toothaches and Tooth Loss

If you leave your teeth untreated over a long period, it will progress into something more painful. And if the pain persists, it will become clear that you will need an invasive treatment such as tooth or root canal extraction. Gum infections subsequently result in inflammation which can lead to separation of the tooth with the end result being the loosening of the teeth to an extent that it falls off if not treated.

Why is it Important to Have a Family Dental Insurance Plan?

One of the easiest things to ignore is the minor irritating ache you experience each time you eat something sweet. Several factors might validate your stance of not visiting a dentist and one of the most practical reasons is the cost of treatment.

Consequently, you will continue experiencing the same pain more often until it progresses to something more serious. Did you know that family dental care insurance plan can come in handy at this point? Family dental care insurance plans are currently available to lower the cost of dental care.

So how exactly do these plans work? Well, family dental insurance plans are meant to help you get your scheduled regular checkups at a relatively reduced cost. Dental insurance providers not only bargain on lower fees with the in-network dentists but also cover some percentage of the already reduced fee after which you are required to pay the remaining amount out of your pocket.

More often than not, these plans cover preventive, basic and major dental care. With preventive dental care, the insurance plans cover 100% of the cost of preventive care including annual checkups, routine cleanings, and bite-wing x-rays.

Basic dental care plans on the other hand cover 80% of the cost of basic services such as simple extractions, fillings and certain types of deep cleanings. Finally, major dental insurance plans cover 50% of treatment such as dentures, root canals, bridges, and crowns.

So you can see clearly that the benefits vary depending on the plan making it all important to find the right plan that suits your needs. Having looked at some of the major categories of these insurance plans, it is essential to know some of their benefits.

Why should you opt for a family dental insurance plan? Well, the advantages of family dental insurance plans cannot be understated. With benefits ranging from solving dental emergencies to getting plenty of discounts, these plans are just one such important components to your dental care needs.

Firstly, these plans can help you overcome the major unexpected dental emergencies. What would happen if you suddenly developed a serious dental problem requiring you to dig deep into your pockets but had no funds? Seeking some form of short-term loan is never the best option but with a dental savings plan, you can have the care you need very fast.

Besides, nearly everyone embraces the powerful habit of saving. Now, with a dental insurance plan, it could get even better because dental discounts are offered without any delay. If you have a dental savings plan, be sure to enjoy significantly reduced rates at your dentist the moment your plan activates.

But again dental discounts do not necessarily mean that the quality of care is lowered as you may perceive it. It is only a way of ensuring the smooth running of the business and your well-being as an esteemed client.

On average, a family dental insurance plan costs about $360 annually or between $15 and $50 a month. Most of these plans come with a maximum annual benefit or coverage limit. This is a clear indication that you can save just as much money than you anticipated.

Bottom Line

In summary, it’s true that dental care, just like all healthcare services, can be quite expensive. However, a solution is always available but only if you think. Now, we’ve made your job simpler by “thinking” on your behalf and crafting this comprehensive article on family dental care to help you understand how to get quality dental care needs at very pocket-friendly prices. Opting for family dental care is a decision nobody regrets. Time is ripe for you too, to jump into the bandwagon.

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