How Much is Dental Insurance?

How Much is Dental Insurance for Individuals?

The monthly premiums for one person can range from $20 - $80 depending on the level of coverage. Full coverage dental insurance with no waiting periods will typically have the highest price.

How Much is Dental Insurance for a Couple or Two People?

There are good dental insurance plans that offer discounts that insure the applicant plus 1 spouse or dependent. These dental plans can range from $40-$125 per month. 

How Much is Dental Insurance for Families? 

For qualified families, these plans offer the deepest discounts and some companies will insurance and entire family at a flat cost per month regardless of size. The monthly premium typically ranges between $59-$199. The level of coverage is a big determining factor when it comes to the premium. 

How to Get Dental Insurance

It is pretty easy to get dental insurance nowadays. There are many enrollment options and dental plans available throughout the United States. You can enroll over the phone, online, or even in person for some cases. Though, the most convenient and fastest way is to do it by phone so you can ask questions and find the best dental insurance plan in your area. However, this is only possible if you speak with an independent dental company, like Dental Helps, that offers dental insurance or discount plans from many companies. 

Clean, healthy, and aligned teeth will boost your confidence. You are in charge of your oral wellness. There is a big difference for people who see a dentist once a year and the people who don’t. Make sure to get a great smile without spending too much. Shop around today! We know how to get dental insurance better than anyone. Get the best dental care available for you by calling (800) 311-7092.

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