Humana Dental Plans

Are Humana Dental Plans a Good Option?

Proper dental care is very important in maintaining healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Your smile is usually the first thing that people notice about you. With the help of a dental plan, you can afford to get the routine care that you need. You will reduce the possibility of cavities, gum diseases, toothaches, or even heart disease.

Here are some of the basics that you might need to know when looking at Humana Dental Plans:

The 3 major services for dental care are preventive services, basic services, and major services

Preventive services can include cleanings, examinations, and check-ups.

Basic Services can include fillings x-rays and extractions.

Major services include crowns, dentures, and root canals.

Humana Has Four Dental Plans You Can Choose From

Dental Value – This is a Humana dental plan with 100% coverage when it comes to preventive services after copay. You will have no waiting period since you technically do not have to pay anything when doing your teeth cleanings. You can get up to 25% discount when you do the treatment of basic and major services with dentists that are part of the network.

Dental Loyalty Plus – This Humana plan has 100% coverage for preventive dental care and it rewards your loyalty by increasing benefits over time. In the first year, you might get 20% to 40% on basic and major services in the first year. On the second year, get 30% to 50% discounts. No waiting period applies for all services.

Dental Preventive Plus – When it comes to basic dental care, you can get up to 50% coverage after deductibles. There‘s a six month waiting period before you can get reimbursements. You will also have discounted fees when it comes to major services and less paperwork when you check with an in-network dental care provider.

Dental Savings Plus – You can get this if you have no major dental needs and want a low monthly payment. You will get negotiated fees on in-network services from providers with no waiting periods for basic and major services.


Humana provides a nice selection of affordable dental plans across the United States. However, the best deal and balance of coverage depends on your area. Contact Dental Helps to learn more about multiple dental plan choices available for your needs.