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Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

A toothache that comes from a small cavity can balloon into an oral disease if left untreated. It is better to visit the dentist as soon as possible and get your teeth examined. This way, they can check if there are developing plaques inside your mouth and clean them as soon as possible. If you have a Medicare dental plan, you can!

​Senior Dental Plans

The original Medicare dental plan does not typically cover tooth extractions, fillings, dental plates, dentures or dental devices. Medicare specifies that it will pay for any complicated dental procedures if you were involved in an accident. However, Medicare will not necessarily pay for any preventive dental care such as cleaning and check-ups. If you want to have dental care, you have the option to enroll in standalone senior dental plan. 

Problems Experienced by Seniors with Oral Health

Darkened or Yellowish Teeth – The cause of yellow teeth can include a lifetime of consuming sugary and soda beverages. Smoking can also cause plaque to form on the surface of the teeth that result in discoloration. Changes in the body can include thinning of the white enamel showing the yellow-colored dentin on the tooth’s surface.

Dry Mouth – Older adults are prone to having dry mouths. The cause of this can include diseases, side effects of treatments, the use of radiation, and decreased production of saliva. A lot of medications also cause dry mouth.

Gum Disease - This is a common problem for seniors. This can be caused by too much use of tobacco, diseases such as diabetes, cancer or anemia. Inappropriate dentures and a poor diet can also cause bloody gums or gum diseases.

Root Decay – The root does not normally show on the surface. However, it can be possible for the root to be exposed at the upper portion of the gums because of acids. Aging people might not take proper care of their oral health because they might be too busy. It can also be because oral health is not their top priority anymore. This should not be the case. The elderly need to take care of their oral health because this is where they intake their food. The mouth is considered a portal to the inside of the body. It should stay clean and healthy all of the time.

Loss of Teeth – Aging people experience loss of teeth as they grow older. This is because the gum tissues become soft. Teeth can easily be detached from soft gum tissues. Many adults decide to see a dentist and get all of their teeth extracted. This can be a better choice than getting a single tooth extracted.

Halitosis and Thrush – Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath. Older adults might have a problem with their breath if they don’t take good care of their oral health. Fungi are also prone to grow and multiply when medications and prescribed drugs make the immune system weak.

Age itself is not the sole factor why older adults need to seek a dentist as they grow older. Arthritis can play a major part on seniors who are having difficulties brushing their teeth.

What Do Seniors Need?

Medicare dental plans are not great but seniors need a dental plan in order to stay on top of their oral health. Doctors can be the ones who will clean the patient’s mouth thoroughly. Senior Dental Plans are not difficult to find, inexpensive and covers a lot of dental services. 

Aging people might also want to enroll in dental discount plans offered by a trusted provider. These kinds of plans do not pay for coinsurance, deductibles, and premiums. Participating hospitals and dentists can simply agree to an offered discount and the seniors can choose what kind of discount plans they prefer.

Discount plants are a great option if one does not need insurance because there are no waiting periods, you can get huge discounts with the participating dentist, and there are no limits on when and where you can visit your dental care provider.

How Can a Senior Get a Good Dental Plan?

If you are looking for affordable senior dental plans who are over 65 years old, you can fill out your information below or call us. It's best to talk to the experts and determine what you need. You can get a free consultation and you will be presented with options that you can choose from. You can choose the best insurance or discount plans that will benefit you in the long run. You can enroll on the phone today if you want to. But get the best advice from an expert when it comes to your dental health. Older adults do not need to suffer when it comes to dental and oral care. Their teeth must be cared for properly by experts without putting a hole in their pockets.

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