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You can either have the Discount dental plan or Dental Insurance plan. Depending on your purpose, you will still be on the winning side.

When you sign up for a Dental Discount Plan, you will only have to pay a portion of the total cost of dental procedures performed. You will shoulder the bill lower than the normal cost, which is lesser compared to the regular rate.


• No administrative forms
• No red tape
• No limits
• No waiting period
• No age restrictions
• All dentists credentials are of the highest standard.
• Members may visit any participating dentist

Insurance Plan just like our Full Coverage Dental plan, has no waiting period and at the same time covers everything. This is by far, the perfect option for you and your family. When it comes to the cost of preventative procedure, the entire cost is covered by dental insurance plan.


• Highest annual maximum.
• No Waiting Period.
• Benefits Protector
• Scholarship Program
• 24/7 Nurseline
• Consolidated Legal Concepts
• Dignity Memorial
• Group Dental Benefits
• Dental Rewards
• Group Vision Benefits
• Worldwide Support
• Accident Dental Expense

Please note that both types of plans have No Waiting Period. Obviously, the only major difference is, their coverage and their monthly premiums.

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Let’s check out their pros and cons and how each type of dental plan will benefit you and your family.

Discount dental plan

• No waiting period.
• Will not cover the whole cost of procedures since this is only a discount plan not insurance.
• You can save a lot of money if you really don’t have much issue with your oral health.
• Monthly premiums are much lower than dental insurance policies.

This type of plan will benefit you if your oral health doesn’t require dental treatment as soon as possible and you have a good oral health. If you don’t really need a major procedure currently and you just want to receive discounts on medical services from certain health care providers, this type is best suited for you. Your purpose of getting this plan is simply to maintain your dental health such as checkups and cleanings at the same time you want to save some money on your dental and oral care needs, then this type of dental plan will surely benefit you and your family.

Dental Insurance plan

• No waiting period.
• Will cover the whole cost of preventative and major procedures.
• You can save tons of money in the long run especially if you urgently need a major dental treatment.
• Premiums are a bit higher compared to discount dental plans.

This type of dental plan will absolutely give you and your family peace of mind when dental emergency arises. The insurance covers the whole portion of all preventative and major procedures.

 Top reasons why we should get a Dental Plan.

► It’s essential for proper dental hygiene.
► It helps keep our teeth and gums healthy
► It can definitely help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.
► You will have peace of mind when issues arise such as a sudden toothache that may lead to  dental filling or extraction.
► It maintains your good oral hygiene that contributes to your overall health and wellness.

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