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New Senior Dental Plan

Comprehensive Membership with No Age Limits and Locked Rates.

Reputable A Rated Companies

  • Established Brands
  • Top PPO Networks
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Excellent Coverage

  • Senior Dental Plan Benefits
  • Premiums Do Not Increase with Age
  • Designed to Provide Balanced Benefits Specific to Seniors

Coverage Highlights

  • All Inclusive Packages
  • Full Coverage Options
  • Routine Preventative Care
  • Dentures and Adjustments
  • High Annual Maximums
  • Vision Coverage Included**

Inevitably all of us will be a Senior one day. And when we become seniors we'll have different health and dental needs that are aligned with our age. A Senior Dental Plan is a great choice to simplify your bills and provide convenient access to services that you need most in your elder years. At, we have different Senior Dental Plan options that are customizable to the Seniors we help on a daily basis. Our Senior plans are loaded with the essential benefits a Senior typically needs and are designed to keep overall costs of dental care lower than traditional dental plans. Seniors nationwide need coverage to help reduce dental expenditures. The National Association of Dental Plans released statistics that approximately 45 million people over the age of 65 have no dental coverage. Your teeth, similar to bones, can weaken over time and become more vulnerable to decay and broken teeth. This means that seniors often require extra care versus younger people.

Key Benefits of a Senior Dental Plan

  • An Independent Senior Dental Plan is Portable and is Not Tied to Medicare or Supplements, Providing Flexibility
  • Your Coverage Increases Yearly But Your Premium Stays the Same
  • You Receive Specialized Service Tailored to Your Needs
  • Vision Coverage is Included with Many Other Helpful Services

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