Tired of Regular Dental Companies with Limited Services and Skimpy Benefits?

​​Why pay for regular dental benefits when you can get much better dental benefits and WAY more services for a similar price?

​What if we found a way to give you this much added value?

Well.....we did!

We are pleased to bring you an exciting new selection of memberships that provide EXCELLENT dental benefits along with extensive additional services.

The Dental Benefits include access to an enormous nationwide PPO network of thousands of dentists and MUCH higher annual maximums. There are also rewards built in so your dental benefits can grow over time.

There are multiple levels to choose from depending on your desired coverage and budget. 

The best one (Access 1) will provide Full Coverage Dental Benefits with No Waiting Periods on All Services including crowns, root canals, oral surgery, and more. You can literally enroll today and be covered tomorrow for major dental procedures.

The middle one (Access 2) will provide Full Coverage Dental Benefits at a lower monthly premium, but waiting periods on major services will apply. 

The lowest one (Access 3) will provide thorough dental benefits for routine dental care and basic treatments such as cleanings and fillings.

All of the levels of dental benefits provide more comprehensive benefits than most dental companies on the market, but there is more!

What additional benefits and services are included?

These unique memberships also include:

Vision Benefits through a top vision network so you can get routine eye exams, and frames or contacts. 

Nurseline Access that allows you to call a 24/7 nurse hotline to receive medical advice and care wherever you are, whenever you need.

Accidental Dental Benefits that will pay a lump sum cash payment to you in the event of a qualifying accident that results in dental problems.

And even more!

How do I know this is not a scam?

DentalHelps.com only promotes products or services that are provided by A Rated companies that have a public track record and established history. Upon filling out the request form we will redirect you directly to the company's website where you can do your own due-diligence and confirm their reputation. 

What if I sign up but I am not satisfied with the services?

Like all of the products and services we promote, you are protected by a 30-Day 100% Money Back guarantee if you decide to cancel. You can simply call us or the company directly and they will be happy to process your refund, no questions asked!

What does it cost?

To check if the membership is available in your area and to see the prices simply click on the button below and follow the steps. Once you get to the benefits page you will see ALL of the features of the membership on the left. The single price shown includes all of those features. 

What happens after I enroll?

If you decide to try one of these options you will be able to apply and enroll within a few minutes. From that point you will receive an instant email receipt along with another email that includes your login details to access your account. You will also receive a physical ID card in the mail within 5-10 business days. 

​How soon can I use the dental benefits?

​​The benefits go into effect extremely fast and you can use them within 24hrs.

If you need any help enrolling or if you have any additional questions, talk to a licensed agent now for free:

(800) 311-7092

​If you NEED to go to the dentist ASAP or you want Full Coverage Dental Benefits with No Waiting Periods on All Services including Major Work, ​Enroll in the Access 1 Membership.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Enroll in a membership and take it to your the dental office to find out if it's the right one for you. If for any reason you are unhappy with the membership benefits you can simply receive a full refund, no questions asked! Simply call the phone number on your membership email, card, or website and request to cancel your membership within the first 30 days and receive a prompt and friendly refund.